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Just a walk on the beach…….

BeachWhat an absolutely stunning morning it was (is) today.  I took Wiley and Kaya for their morning walk to the beach and it couldn’t have been more beautiful.  At about 5:45 the moon was still pretty high in the sky but the sun was fully out.  There were birds fishingWhite bird this morning and people fishing as well.  There are great big logs Wood on the beachon the beach that were washed up from the rough seas a couple of weeks ago.  It is amazing to see what comes on shore sometimes.FishingKaya kept trying to catch the crabs but they were way too fast and escaped to their holes in the sand with plenty of room to spare.  There were a few other dogs out trying to find food left by people last night but they were not too interested in mine so Wiley didn’t try to eat any of them.  Cesar would not think too highly of our misbehaving dogs. 

We actually swore that when we moved down here, Kaya was not going to be allowed to sleep on the bed.  That lasted for one hour because she just sat outside the door and cried.  So in she came and has been there every night since.  However, since we are having to leave the country to back to the U.S. for a few days, we are now having to be tough since we know getting a dog sitter who would allow her to sleep with him/her would be nearly impossible here.  It has been cold turkey for the last two night and she is not a happy dog.  We are not happy campers either since we spend all night listening to her whimper and cry.  But, we are sticking to our guns and can only hope that we can outlast her. Smile

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So this week it was Yoga and a new fruit!!

IMG_9351Last week when I was walking back from the Farmer’s market I ran into a woman I had met at the group who is getting together to sing the Messiah at Christmas.  She was carrying a yoga mat and I mentioned that one of my goals when I moved down was to learn yoga.  Turns out she is a yoga teacher (as well as just an all around holistic minded person who was a physician in Canada before she moved to PV) and had just formed a group for beginners in our age group.  All right!!  So Thursday morning at nine I headed over to her house and joined two other yoga newbies.  It was a great experience.  I used to be incredibly flexible but after years of sitting at a desk and not being too active have lost that flexibility.  However, I can see that if I go very slowly and keep at it, I will regain at least some.  She is a very patient and gentle person and it will be fun to do this a couple of times a week.  Since she also lives in Playa Negra, I can either walk or ride my bike so just one more plus Smile

IMG_9597Yesterday a young man stopped by our gate and started hollering that he had something to sell.  Tom and I headed out to see what he had and found that he had all sorts of fruits and vegetabIMG_9599les.  The picture at the left is one of the things we bought – it is called Rambuton and the pulp inside tastes very much like grapes.  The spines on the outside feel like rubber and are very soft.  When you cut it open you find a seed that is surrounded by pulp which you eat.  It was delicious!!!  We also bought a bunch of fresh carrots and cucumbers so we will have a great salad for dinner tonight.  A couple of weeks ago I bought some fruit at the farmers market but didn’t know what it was.  Today I do – it is called snake fruit because the skin looks like a snake but the inside tastes like a cross between a pineapple and an apply – yummy!!  Every week I try to pick up something at the farmer’s market that I haven’t tried and so far I have been delighted with all the new foods I have had. 

The papayas in our yard are evidently ready to eat because we had both collared aracaries and chachalacas having dinner on them last night.  At one point there were seven aracaries and later there were five chachalacas just hanging out in our yard eating the papaya fruit.  Collared AracariesThe fruit is so high up that we have not been able to figure out how to get it down so it is just as well the birds eat it.  We’ll figure out how we can get to it next time they are ready to eat. 


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Dia de la Raza–Columbus Day in Costa Rica

IMG_9524Today all the government offices and schools were closed for the “Day of the Races” formerly known as Columbus Day.  All of central america celebrates this day and here in Puerto Viejo it was just one more day to kick back and hang out.  The beaches were the most crowded I have seen them.  A friend and I bicycled all up and down the road visiting people and sight seeing.  She has been living here for seven years and knows many people so I was introduced to several new friends Smile  The day was an absolutely beautiful one – sun shining IMG_9537in the morning and then a brief rain this afternoon.  It wasn’t too hot and I got to see a few things I had not seen before.  We visited the only upscale hotel in this area – called the Le Chameleon – and I IMG_9534got to see one of the rooms.  It was very nice and the grounds and the beach area that they have is absolutely gorgeous! 

I met a woman who has had a blog for a couple of years now that I have followed.  Her name is Lisa Valencia and she moved to PV about two years ago and is making a life for herself.  She has an audio book that I purchased and she has a guide service that she is putting a lot of work.  I have no doubt that her clients are very pleased with the places she takes them and the knowledge that they glean from her. 

Other pictures from the day:


IMG_9520Buses taking people back to San Jose

IMG_9555Ticos fishing for dinner from the shore

IMG_9516Morning at the beach

IMG_9526Places to eat

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Walk to the market

Puerto Viejo in the morningToday I decided to walk to town instead of riding my bike to go to the farmer’s market. Farmers market Last night we had torrential rains that came down so hard that we had trouble hearing each other speak.  I believe that we are at the beginning of the rainy season in the Caribbean – I hear that November is the month that the most rain will fall.  At any rate, I walked in thinking that there would be too many opportunities for me to crash into mud puddles and I was right.  The walk was wonderful though and I may just continue to walk since I can get there and back before the sun gets too hot and the things you see when you go at a slower pace are just great.  I am posting the photographs of what I saw along the road.



Whimbrel   Whimbrel

Beach morning glories  Beach morning glories 

Coconut tree on the beach  Coconut Tree

Horses on the roadHorses at the bridge

Dog on the beach  Dog relaxing on the beach

Road to home  Road to my house


Even though it is overcast and has been for most of the week – it is still just wonderful………….

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My Mom is gonna love this!!!

IMG_9445Yesterday I went to visit a friend and, after we made some absolutely incredible fresh passion fruit juice, she asked me if I liked to sing.  I said yes – twenty years ago I actually was a pretty good singer.  She asked if I would join a small group of people who were planning to sing Handel’s Messiah in Limon on December 26th.  I said yes since I know the entire thing – bass, tenor, alto, and soprano – by heart.  My dad and I used to sing the Messiah, or at least several choruses from it, every Christmas at the First Presbyterian Church in Casper before I left to “further my career”.  Those times with dad are some of my fondest memories of him.  We would go to the choir room every Thursday and practice and once we even had a quartet with another couple of people that brought the house down Smile   These are the times I miss him.

At any rate, Tom decided to come along too (even though he didn’t realize he would have to be a participant as well) and we had a great time.  We practiced the “Hallelujah Chorus” and it was such fun!  There were twelve of us and there were probably be a couple more before it settles in.  There is a Tico tenor who has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.  And another tenor who has a beautiful voice as well who has clearly had training.  The rest of us just give our very best.  Tom actually had a great time once he realized he would actually have to sing.  He is singing bass which is a bit out of his range but he has a great voice and, since he played guitar for years, knows how to read music and is a big help to the other basses who don’t. 

The director is the most amazing women – incredibly patient and a wonderful musician.  She brings her portable piano to the place we practice and speaks all three languages of those of us who are participating – English, Spanish, and German.  Since I actually have memorized the entire “Messiah”, I was able to take care of keeping the altos on track so she only had to worry about the other three parts Smile  I have to say I admire here immensely – she lives in Bri Bri, works in Cahuita and LImon and comes to work with us in Puerto Viejo in the evening.  Quite an amazing person. 

In Limon we will be singing in a cathedral with twenty other people from there.  This will truly be an experience of a lifetime!!!

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Day for Celebrating!!!

IMG_9351Two things – Tom’s birthday and our second month in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica!!  Tom is 62 today and I have to say both of us could not be happier that this birthday has arrived Open-mouthed smile    He will begin receiving his social security checks on December 15th and that is how we are going to stay in our tropical paradise.  We have planned all along on living on what he gets from social security – at least until mine kicks in in five years (if it does – who knows with the way the world is going).  Since we own the house outright, it really won’t be too difficult to maintain a lifestyle that we enjoy as long as we don’t overdo it.  We will dip into savings for the occasional trip to the US and around the country to see those parts of Costa Rica that we have not yet experienced but other than that, we will be living pura vida on social security income.

I have to admit that the two months really has flown by.  We will be heading back to Denver in November for four days for two reasons.  First is because our first 90 days in the country will be up and we have to leave – at least until we get our residency paperwork lined up.  And secondly – to pick up that paperwork that son Jordan has been diligently mailing all over the place getting requests in and certifications done.  By the time we arrive in November, he should have received all of the final paperwork back from the Costa Rican embassy in Washington D.C. which we can then bring back here and submit to the powers that be in San Jose.  It will take about a month to get everything translated into Spanish so that we can submit it, but once that is done, all we have to do is wait.  There are other housekeeping things we have to do here in Costa Rica but that shouldn’t be too difficult.  I know – I sound like the very naïve person I am but my motto is now “don’t worry be happy”.  Thank you Bobby McFerrin.

To the right is a photograph of a number of birds on a banana plant.  We have watched the most amazing display the More birds on a banana plantlast two days as birds eat on these bananas.  Woodpeckers, tanagers – five different kinds, Oropendolas – two different kinds, and others that I don’t even know the name of – have been eating on these bananas right outside our gate.  Does anyone wonder why I love this place?!?!?! 

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Gorgeous day in the Caribbean!!

IMG_9353 It is an amazing day today here in Puerto Viejo.  I biked into town to pick up some groceries and there were people out and about all over just enjoying the day.  There were more people in the ocean than I have seen in a long time.  IMG_9359 Whatever was causing the rough ocean over the last week or so has gone away for now so everyone seems to be making up for lost time.  Even the plovers were out having a wonderful time finding snails to eat.IMG_9355

Trogon We also go to see two new birds this morning in our yard – a Blue headed Parrot and a Violaceous Trogon.   And – the Aracari that visited the other day came back and hung out in our papablue_headedya tree for a while.   What can I say – this is the life!

Aracari in papaya tree

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