Lessons learned

IMG_8697On Saturday I rode my bike to the farmer’s market as I normally do to pick up our weekly ration of whatever looks good.    As I wandered through the small vending area there was a lot that looked really good – chicken, pineapple, sapote, lettuce, and cucumbers to name a few. So I bought it all.  I chatted with a few people and then went to get on my bike to head back home.  Uh oh – way too much stuff for the little bitty basket I have on my bike.  I neglected to mention that before getting to the farmers market,  I stopped by Old Harbor – a small grocery store in town, and picked up a small bag of dog food. 

My bikeI thought I would be fine if I just put a few things in the basket, put the dog food on the back of the bike, and carried the b ag with all the rest of the food on my shoulder.  As I clumsily took off, I drove directly into two parked cars and almost tipped over.  I did a bit of rearranging and took off again, only to find that the handle bars on my bike had gone cockeyed and were at a right angle to the front tire.  I promptly went to the ground – along with all the food.  A very nice woman came over and helped me back up telling me not to be embarrassed because everyone takes a bike tumble at least once.  I fixed the handle bars and took off again, finally on my way.  I was going along just great and was riding over the first bridge when the dog food fell off of the back of the bike right in the middle of the road.  I hurried across the bridge, dropped the bike and all the food again, and ran back to pick up the dog food.  Rearranging for the final time, I took off and finally make it home with myself, the bike, and all the groceries intact.  Next Saturday, I will pace myself and will take a smaller bag that fits in the basket of the bike and will buy no more than will fit in the bag. 

IMG_9211Here are some pictures of the sapote and   some other type of fruit that I don’t know the name of.  As you can see, the sapote  is a very dull looking gourd-like thing but IMG_9213when you cut it open it has the  most beautiful orange fruit that is delicious!!!  The funny looking strawberry things have fruit inside that has a texture somewhat like an apple and it tastes somewhat like a cross between an apple and a pineapple – yummy!  So – though painful – the trip was well worth it.  IMG_9210


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2 responses to “Lessons learned

  1. Jordo

    I have to admit that your bike fall made me laugh! I am very sorry though and it sounds like you are alright! I can just see you overloaded and riding a bike that the handlebars are crooked–CLASSIC!

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