Costa Rica Dogs

These are photographs of some of the dogs I have seen here in Costa Rica.  I just cannot resist a cute face Smile

Wiley and KayaOf course I must include the king and queen – Wiley and Kaya

IMG_2753  And baby Sofi……….


Dogs on beachEnjoying the beach


SpotOur Neighbor Greedy – we call her Spot


WigleyOur neighbor Fleck – we call her Wiggley



IMG_9488A dog’s life in PV



IMG_9594 Short legged dogThere are some interesting breed mixes here – this is a favorite of mine


IMG_1226Our visitors on New Year’s Eve – we have no idea who owns them

P3300487Doggie sitters



P3300478Digging to China



P3300465Ready to surf





P3300462Pure dog fun

IMG_4828  Just out for a walk

IMG_4827 What is that thing??

DSCF3071 Dog at the B&B

P3140256Master of the ocean

IMG_2009 Out with mom

DSCF1330  Hoping for some foodIMG_1595 No such luck but petting is good too

DSCF1491This is the life!

IMG_1769 The beach sentinel

One response to “Costa Rica Dogs

  1. Ryan

    I am seriously thinking about moving to Costa Rica, Also, I think Puerto Viejo would be one of my favorite spots! Did you have any problems at all bringing your dog/dogs into Costa Rica! I have been reading all kinds of things and getting a little worried. I have 2 adorable 4 and 5 months old puppies, Lhasa Apso and Lhasa/Shitzu/Toy Poodle! Of course they will be a little bit older by the time I am ready to make my move. My biggest problem will be how to get my sweet conjure parrot to Costa Rica without having major problems. I’ve been reading horror stories!

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