Ocean wavesNo mishaps on the way to or from the farmer’s market today.  I went in around 7:00 to get the best variety and it was buzzing – lots of people.  This is definitely the Saturday morning gathering place.  On my way back I stopped at the bank to get money from the ATM and was approached by an old man and his granddaughter who had some things to sell.  I bought a bag of corn for about 60 cents.  It was cooked and ready to eat.  Yummy! 

Biking along the ocean, I noticed that the ocean was unbelievable rough compared to the lake like surface we have experienced over the last couple of months.  I am not sure what is stirring it up but it is amazing!  My understanding is that this is pretty unusual for this time of year.  Ocean The ocean is coming up so high at high tide that it is nearly to the road.  The beach has eroded as well and there is a huge incline that wasn’t there a week ago.  It is gorgeous though.  I can just go and sit and watch the water and completely lose time. 

KingfisherAs I passed over one of the bridges on the way home, I saw a ringed Kingfisher and it was just gorgeous.    The picture isn’t that great – it is hard to take a photograph while balancing a bicycle and a bunch of vegetables and a chicken.  But it was pretty neat anyway!!

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