Birds in and around our house

These are photos of birds that have been either in our yard or on the beach which is a three minute walk from the house.  These are not all of the birds that we have seen – just those that we can get with the camera.  I will update this page as we collect more photographs.  You can enlarge the photographs by clicking on them – then can see more detail

January 1, 2014 – 102 different species, 121 images

Northern Baltimore Oriole Female Baltimore Oriole – Female

_MG_5636Baltimore Oriole – Male

Bananaquit  Bananaquit

_MG_9156Banded Back Wren

_MG_8894Bay Wren

Belted Kingfisher

Grosbeak Black and Blue FemaleBlack and Blue Grosbeak – Female

Black and Yellow Tanager 1Black and yellow Tanager

Black cheeked WoodpeckerBlack cheeked Woodpecker

_MG_3446Black Chested Jay

_MG_1475In flight

_MG_3187Black Cowled Oriole

Yellow tailed oriole 1  Black Cowled Oriole – Juvenile

Black Crowned TityraBlack Crowned Tityra Male

Black Hawk Eagle (2)Black Hawk Eagle

Blue Gray Tanager with seed in mouthBlue Gray Tanager

_MG_1002Blue Headed Parrot

Boat Billed Flycatcher

Jay BrownBrown Jay

IMG_1601Juvenile Brown Jay

Buff throated Saltator Buff Throated Saltator

_MG_9069Canada Warbler


_MG_8660Chestnut Backed Antbird

Toucan Chestnut MandibledChestnut Mandibled Toucan

_MG_2195 Chestnut Oropendola

Chestnut Oropendolas On bananas

IMG_1753Cinnamon Becard

Clay Colored RobinClay Colored Robin  – National Bird of Costa Rica

Collared Aracari head turnedCollared Aracari

Eastern KingbirdEastern Kingbird

_MG_9864Common Black Hawk

Eastern wood pee-weeEastern Wood Pee-Wee

_MG_6109Fasciated Antshrike

Fasciated Tiger Heron

Great frigate juvenileGreat Frigate – Juvenile

Golden HeadeIMG_2330d Tanager





Gray capped flycatcher eating butterflyGray capped flychatcher

_MG_1932Gray Necked Wood Rail

Grayish SaltatorGrayish Saltator

Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron

Great Crested FlycatcherGreat Crested Flycatcher

Great Kiskadee (2)Great Kiskadee

Green honeycreeperGreen Honeycreeper – Male

IMG_2814Green Honeycreeper – Female

Immaculate Antbird

Laughing FalcomLaughing Falcon

Lesser Greenlet 1Lesser Greenlet

IMG_0776Little Blue Heron

Little Hermit HummingbirdLittle Hermit Hummingbird

Long Billed GnatwrenLong Billed Gnatwren

Hummingbird Long Billed HermitLong Billed Hermit

Long tailed Tyrant flying awayLong Tailed Tyrant

Male and female scarlet rumped tanagerMale and Female Scarlett Rumped Tanager

Tityra Masked Male 2 Male Masked Tityra

Female masked Tityra croppedFemale Masked Tityra

Mealy Amazon Parrot

_MG_1339Montezuma Oropendola

_MG_8281Olive Backed Euphonia Male

_MG_8682Olive Back Euphonia Female

_MG_0602_edited-1Pale Billed Woodpecker

IMG_2817Palm Tanager

Pale Vented PigeonPale Vented Pigeon

Hummingbird Purple Headed FairyPurple Headed Fairy

_MG_1525Purple Throated Fruitcrow

Red Eyed Vireo maybeRed Eyed Vireo

Red lored parrotRed Lored Parrot

Red lored parrot groupGroup

IMG_1914  Red Throated Ant Tanager – Male

IMG_1912Red Throated Ant Tanager – Female

Stripe Breasted WrenRiverside Wren

Roadside hawk wings spreadRoadside Hawk

Rufous MournerRufous Mourner

Rufous tailed Hummingbird 2Rufous Tailed Hummingbird

_MG_0430Feeding baby


_MG_8249Scarlet Rumped Cacique

Scarlet Tanager Scarlet Tanager – Breeding male

Female Scarlet TanagerScarlet Tanager – Female

_MG_1100 (2)Shining Honeycreeper

Slaty Antwren 1Slaty Antwren

_MG_3006Slaty Tailed Trogon – Male

_MG_8960Slaty Tailed Trogon – Female

Groove Billed AnisSmooth billed Ani

_MG_2207Snowy Cotinga

Snowy Egret

Social flycatcherSocial flycatcher

Squirrel CuckooSquirrel Cuckoo

Sulphur Bellied FlycatcherSulphur Bellied Flycatcher

_MG_2311Summer Tanager

Swainsons ThrushSwainsons Thrush

_MG_4463Swallow Tailed Kite

Tawny Crested Tanager – Male

Tawny Crested

Tanager – Female

Tennessee warbler Tennessee Warbler

Toucan eating berries 2 (2)Toucan eating berries

Tricolored Heron

Gnatcatcher TropicalTropical Gnatcatcher

Variable Seedeater (2)Variable Seedeater

Violaceous Trogon MaleViolaceous Trogon – Female

Hummingbird Violet headed or Violet Crowned Woodnyph maybeViolet Crowned Woodnymph


_MG_8624White Collared Manakin – Male

_MG_8693 White Collared Manakin – Female

Baby White Collared ManakinBaby White Collared Manakin

White lined tanagerWhite Lined Tanager

White Necked PuffbirdWhite Necked Puffbird

_MG_6223White Whiskered Puffbird

Wilsons PloverWilsons Plover

Wood StorksWood Storks (very fuzzy)

Woodcreeper Northern BarredWoodcreeper – Northern Barred

Woodcreeper Spotted Headed maybeWoodcreeper – Spotted Headed

Strong Billed WoodcreeperWoodcreeper – Strong billed

Woodcreeper Wedge BilledWoodcreeper – Wedge Billed

_MG_7013Yellow Backed Oriole?

Yellow crowned euphoniaYellow Crowned Euphonia

Warbler YellowYellow Warbler

3 responses to “Birds in and around our house

  1. Kim

    Wow, so many. I love your trogon.

  2. Auntie Bubbles----would love to write more, not enough time-

    Jana and Tom, Pics are outstanding!!!!

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