So this week it was Yoga and a new fruit!!

IMG_9351Last week when I was walking back from the Farmer’s market I ran into a woman I had met at the group who is getting together to sing the Messiah at Christmas.  She was carrying a yoga mat and I mentioned that one of my goals when I moved down was to learn yoga.  Turns out she is a yoga teacher (as well as just an all around holistic minded person who was a physician in Canada before she moved to PV) and had just formed a group for beginners in our age group.  All right!!  So Thursday morning at nine I headed over to her house and joined two other yoga newbies.  It was a great experience.  I used to be incredibly flexible but after years of sitting at a desk and not being too active have lost that flexibility.  However, I can see that if I go very slowly and keep at it, I will regain at least some.  She is a very patient and gentle person and it will be fun to do this a couple of times a week.  Since she also lives in Playa Negra, I can either walk or ride my bike so just one more plus Smile

IMG_9597Yesterday a young man stopped by our gate and started hollering that he had something to sell.  Tom and I headed out to see what he had and found that he had all sorts of fruits and vegetabIMG_9599les.  The picture at the left is one of the things we bought – it is called Rambuton and the pulp inside tastes very much like grapes.  The spines on the outside feel like rubber and are very soft.  When you cut it open you find a seed that is surrounded by pulp which you eat.  It was delicious!!!  We also bought a bunch of fresh carrots and cucumbers so we will have a great salad for dinner tonight.  A couple of weeks ago I bought some fruit at the farmers market but didn’t know what it was.  Today I do – it is called snake fruit because the skin looks like a snake but the inside tastes like a cross between a pineapple and an apply – yummy!!  Every week I try to pick up something at the farmer’s market that I haven’t tried and so far I have been delighted with all the new foods I have had. 

The papayas in our yard are evidently ready to eat because we had both collared aracaries and chachalacas having dinner on them last night.  At one point there were seven aracaries and later there were five chachalacas just hanging out in our yard eating the papaya fruit.  Collared AracariesThe fruit is so high up that we have not been able to figure out how to get it down so it is just as well the birds eat it.  We’ll figure out how we can get to it next time they are ready to eat. 


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