Just a walk on the beach…….

BeachWhat an absolutely stunning morning it was (is) today.  I took Wiley and Kaya for their morning walk to the beach and it couldn’t have been more beautiful.  At about 5:45 the moon was still pretty high in the sky but the sun was fully out.  There were birds fishingWhite bird this morning and people fishing as well.  There are great big logs Wood on the beachon the beach that were washed up from the rough seas a couple of weeks ago.  It is amazing to see what comes on shore sometimes.FishingKaya kept trying to catch the crabs but they were way too fast and escaped to their holes in the sand with plenty of room to spare.  There were a few other dogs out trying to find food left by people last night but they were not too interested in mine so Wiley didn’t try to eat any of them.  Cesar would not think too highly of our misbehaving dogs. 

We actually swore that when we moved down here, Kaya was not going to be allowed to sleep on the bed.  That lasted for one hour because she just sat outside the door and cried.  So in she came and has been there every night since.  However, since we are having to leave the country to back to the U.S. for a few days, we are now having to be tough since we know getting a dog sitter who would allow her to sleep with him/her would be nearly impossible here.  It has been cold turkey for the last two night and she is not a happy dog.  We are not happy campers either since we spend all night listening to her whimper and cry.  But, we are sticking to our guns and can only hope that we can outlast her. Smile

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