And then there were five……….


Herding cats

Herding cats

Dogs that is 🙂  On Saturday our veterinarian brought over two puppies that she had nursed for over two months.  They had been left on her doorstep in a box and were terribly ill.  When she found them one of them had no fur at all except for a little patch about the size of a quarter on the top of her head.  I had talked to the vet off and on about perhaps adopting one of them but she really hated to separate them and was hoping that someone would take them together.  Tom and I talked it over and decided to have a weekend ‘play date’ with them to see how it went with the other three dogs.  Of course we knew the minute we decided to have them visit that the play date would be permanent.





We named them Thelma and Louise

At first they did not want to come out of the crate and so they had to be almost dumped out.  However, once out, they began running and playing and chasing Kaya and Sofi for hours!!!  Sofi was not too accommodating and has kept her distance while Kaya has played with them a lot.  But mostly they just play together.



They also sleep together – normally one on top of the other.

We have a large fenced lot so once they are a little bigger they will be able to just roam around all day.  Now we watch them closely so that they don’t get out the fence or under the gate.  Not that they seem interested in that – they like to hang mostly around us and the other dogs.

There are many, many people here with five dogs.  You start with a couple but there are always more needing homes.  People are becoming more knowledgeable about spaying and neutering but it is still not a widely accepted practice.  And there are way too many people who come here thinking they will stay who adopt a couple of dogs and then decide that they don’t want to live here permanently.  Those dogs are often just abandoned and become street dogs.  Sometimes they are adopted and sometimes they are not.  It is really just the luck of the draw.

So we are now adjusting to the increased number in our household as well as all those things that need to be ‘puppy proofed’.  That’s okay – it keeps us young 🙂  Pura Vida for sure!!!

On Tom's lap

On Tom’s lap

With Kaya on the deck

With Kaya on the deck

Do I really want to go down these stairs?

Do I really want to go down these stairs?

In the garden with Kaya

In the garden with Kaya

Hanging with Sofi

Hanging with Sofi

With Wiley the BIG boy!

With Wiley the BIG boy!


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15 responses to “And then there were five……….

  1. Jana,
    They are so darn cute. You and Tom are to be thanked for giving them a wonderful home. They will keep you young…. Love your blog. Have been following you since you moved to Costa Rica. Hoping to do the same in a few years. Was in PV last September. Love it there and also love the Central Valley so don’t know where we’ll end up. Next time I’m there, hope to meet you. Take care

  2. Your story is so similar to ours that it brought a big smile to my face. We adopted two female puppies who sat outside our farm gate in Colombia. They were only about six weeks old, sick and hungry. Now we have three dogs. We just couldn’t leave them outside and, once we brought them in…… know the rest:)
    Thank you for adopting yours.

  3. Barb

    What good people!

    • I have to say these two are the easiest we have ever adopted Barb. They just play and play with each other all day and then crash. The other dogs are even beginning to enjoy them 🙂

  4. Eric & John

    Welcome to the now we have 5 group….as John and I always say the more the merrier.

  5. Renee

    Are there any difficulties in bringing your own pets to CR? I have 3 dogs and am planning on moving to CR Summer 2016. We’ll be in PV in March to check it out….can you recommend a place to stay while were there. On the beach is preferable. Thanks!!!!

    • Hi Renee – We had no difficulties at all. We flew them down on Frontier out of Denver on the midnight flight which was a direct flight. However, I have heard that Frontier no longer allows pets as cargo. The best advice I can give is to contact the airline directly and find out what their policies are. It seems they change all the time. If you do plan to bring them in the summer then definitely look at a flight that originates late and arrive in CR in the early morning to avoid issues with high temperatures. As far as a place to stay right on the beach, I would look at Mother Dear ( ) if you would like your own house. It is a wonderful place and is owned by friends of ours – great reviews on Trip Advisor.

  6. diossolar

    Hi Tom Sorry my englisch is noth correct. I like your site Im Marc ,from Belgium en live 7years in Spain,i was inCR 10 years ago en still dreaming to come back en bay me e house ,my problem still is my dog,furst i wone come over too see if i fiel me THE same like 10years ago,i dont no if is e good idee to breng my dog THE furst time with me,if i take the move en hete is my question do you have experiens to breng THE dog by plaine,som Peuple told me to give THE dog Some dope? Benauwend THE flyth take 11 hours from spain. I hpo you can help me with this problem. Thanks Marc

    • Hi Marc – I would not bring your dog if you are just coming to visit. If you decide to come here to live then I would bring the dog. The most important thing is to make sure that your dog is comfortable in a crate so you need to get him used to that since he would be in the crate for the 11 hour flight. I would definitely talk to a veterinarian about whether or not giving your dog something to calm him would be good – I have heard that it is not a good idea but it probably depends on the dog. We did not give our dogs any drugs and they did fine even though they had never been on a plane – but it was only a five and a half hour flight.


  7. nel

    Hi, love your blog and your pictures. We got a husky and we are planning to move to costa Rica later this year. How your dogs adapt to the weather? Are they happy with heat and humidity? We love our dog and want to make he can be happy and healthy there. Many thanks. Nel

    • Hi Nel,

      Our huskies adapted very well – I was actually surprised. A veterinarian told us that the double coat that they have that insulates them in freezing temperatures does the same thing for the hot temperatures and we have found that to be true. Our older husky did get hot spots when his fur fell off in two small places in the first three months but he has never had them since. They sleep during the heat of the day but go on walks in the morning and late afternoon – pretty much the same as when we lived in the U.S.


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