Critters in my yard

Updated July 13, 2011

Morpho butterfly  Blue Morpho Butterfly – New April 9th 2009

Dragon FlyDragon Fly   Centipede  Centipede

New butterflyButterfly  Lizard Lizard

Two toed sloth (2)Two toed sloth Climbing the wire Three Toed sloth and baby

Big Green Frog  Green Frog

Two iguanasIguanas  Green Canopy Lizard Green Canopy Lizard

Praying MantisPraying Mantis  Tree Frog Tree Frog

Toad  Toad  See through lizardSee Through Lizard

Green Poison Dart Frog Green Poison Dart Frog  Red striped butterfly

Squirrell  Black squirrelHorses on our roadWild Horses

Dragonfly  Another dragonfly White peacock butterflyWhite peacock butterfly

Baby IguanaBaby Iguana   Baby two toe sloth in our yard (2)Baby two toed Sloth


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