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Gorgeous day in the Caribbean!!

IMG_9353 It is an amazing day today here in Puerto Viejo.  I biked into town to pick up some groceries and there were people out and about all over just enjoying the day.  There were more people in the ocean than I have seen in a long time.  IMG_9359 Whatever was causing the rough ocean over the last week or so has gone away for now so everyone seems to be making up for lost time.  Even the plovers were out having a wonderful time finding snails to eat.IMG_9355

Trogon We also go to see two new birds this morning in our yard – a Blue headed Parrot and a Violaceous Trogon.   And – the Aracari that visited the other day came back and hung out in our papablue_headedya tree for a while.   What can I say – this is the life!

Aracari in papaya tree


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