Walk to the market

Puerto Viejo in the morningToday I decided to walk to town instead of riding my bike to go to the farmer’s market. Farmers market Last night we had torrential rains that came down so hard that we had trouble hearing each other speak.  I believe that we are at the beginning of the rainy season in the Caribbean – I hear that November is the month that the most rain will fall.  At any rate, I walked in thinking that there would be too many opportunities for me to crash into mud puddles and I was right.  The walk was wonderful though and I may just continue to walk since I can get there and back before the sun gets too hot and the things you see when you go at a slower pace are just great.  I am posting the photographs of what I saw along the road.



Whimbrel   Whimbrel

Beach morning glories  Beach morning glories 

Coconut tree on the beach  Coconut Tree

Horses on the roadHorses at the bridge

Dog on the beach  Dog relaxing on the beach

Road to home  Road to my house


Even though it is overcast and has been for most of the week – it is still just wonderful………….

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