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Dia de la Raza–Columbus Day in Costa Rica

IMG_9524Today all the government offices and schools were closed for the “Day of the Races” formerly known as Columbus Day.  All of central america celebrates this day and here in Puerto Viejo it was just one more day to kick back and hang out.  The beaches were the most crowded I have seen them.  A friend and I bicycled all up and down the road visiting people and sight seeing.  She has been living here for seven years and knows many people so I was introduced to several new friends Smile  The day was an absolutely beautiful one – sun shining IMG_9537in the morning and then a brief rain this afternoon.  It wasn’t too hot and I got to see a few things I had not seen before.  We visited the only upscale hotel in this area – called the Le Chameleon – and I IMG_9534got to see one of the rooms.  It was very nice and the grounds and the beach area that they have is absolutely gorgeous! 

I met a woman who has had a blog for a couple of years now that I have followed.  Her name is Lisa Valencia and she moved to PV about two years ago and is making a life for herself.  She has an audio book that I purchased and she has a guide service that she is putting a lot of work.  I have no doubt that her clients are very pleased with the places she takes them and the knowledge that they glean from her. 

Other pictures from the day:


IMG_9520Buses taking people back to San Jose

IMG_9555Ticos fishing for dinner from the shore

IMG_9516Morning at the beach

IMG_9526Places to eat

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