There are times when I just don’t think it can get any better….

Climbing the wireThis has been such a great week.  We have had “up close and personal” encounters with critters in nature and have experience just wonderful weather and terrific times with friends.  The most amazing thing that happened was that we watched a momma sloth and her baby cross an electrical wire to get to a tree just across the road from our house.  Baby sloth hanging onGetting off the wireTom was taking pictures of the crossing and, when we brought them into the house to upload and look at them, we noticed that the mom had something that looked like blood on her face and a tooth that was sticking out at a really wrong angle.  I called friend Sarah who works at the animal rescue to get her advice and she agreed with me that it would be best to call the owners of the Jaguar Rescue Center to see what they thought.  After I talked to Encar, one of the owners, and she said that since they were heading into town they would stop by and see if they thought there was a problem.  By the time they got here, I had lost sight of the sloths so we showed them the photographs.  Encar said it looked like the mom had eaten some red fruit or leaves and felt that both she and the baby were okay.   However, it was not a wasted trip as she did ask if she could use Tom’s photos on the Jaguar Rescue website so Tom sent her several to pick from Smile

IMG_2605On Thursday we had another Bocas, Beer, and Blues night with our neighbors Don and Ron and their guests Julie and Lisa, and Rene and Sarah (and a giant toad whose name I don’t know).  IMG_2603Tom, Rene, and Sarah all played the guitar while the rest of us passed around the tambourine.  We all sang the songs that we knew and made up words to those that we did not know.  I recorded a couple of Rene’s songs for posterity on my you tube account.  Rene and Sarah will be leaving in about six weeks to go back to England and then on to Italy and we will really miss them. 

Our day started out today with a very loud crashing noise in the vacant lot next to us.  When I went to investigate, I found the female iguana that has been living in a tree in the property on the ground foraging for food.  Female iguana close upShe was right next to our fence and when I got next to her she became completely still.  She kept looking at me but wouldn’t move.  Tom got the camera and took pictures and then we came inside so that she could move off and not be bothered.

We then decided to go to Punta Uva so that I could do some snorkeling.  Tom still can’t get in the ocean because his hands haven’t healed but he hung out and relaxed.  I could not believe the incredible fish I saw on the reefs today!!!  Very near the shore there were six to ten inch fish that were absolutely stunning!  I am so sad that my underwater camera died – we are going to have to figure out how to get something Punta Uva Beachelse.  Sailboat

We are now home watching the semi-finals for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament that is being broadcast live over the internet.  All I can say is – GO BUTLER!!

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