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Visit to the Dentist, Crocodiles in Playa Negra, and other adventures

Dentist officeYesterday, I went to a dentist in Limon to get a crown put on an implant I had done in the United States.  The original crown had come off after only six months and I lost it.  This all happened in late December around the time that mom fell and broke her hip so it took me some time to get it fixed.  I originally had planned to go to San Jose as most everyone here does, but after asking around I heard of a young female dentist who spoke excellent English and who is in Limon.  Since Limon is an hour away as opposed to four hours, I decided to give her a try. I went to her on June 6th after I returned from Wyoming and got the crown fitted and returned on Tuesday to get it put on.  She did a wonderful job – it actually fits much better than the original one – and it was much less expensive.  Dental reception roomThe office was very small compared to the ones I have been in in the U.S. but definitely outfitted with the newest technology.  There were only two rooms –the reception area and the work area.Door to dental work room  While I would have paid $250 if I had gone to San Jose, the $400 I paid was not bad considering I did not have travel and have hotel expenses in San Jose.  All in all, it was a good experience.  I do have to have a bridge put in also but will go to San Jose for that.  The price I can get in San Jose is $400 while the Limon dentist quoted me $1000 so it is worth it to make the longer trip.

crocodile_playa_negra1We also have had so excitement here on Playa Negra the last few days – we have our very own crocodile!!!  It showed up about a week ago and has been hanging out in the ocean catching fish and has been seen on the beach.  While not dangerous to humans, it will eat small animals so we are making sure Sofi is at our side whenever we go to the beach.  Wiley and Kaya are on a leash so we can control them, but we Sofi has been so good she is off leash while on the beach.  There is discussion about the agency responsible coming to move the croc to another area but so far we have not heard if that is a go or not.  In the meantime, we will keeo on the lookout.

Baby birds just hatchedWe also have Baby birdsbaby white collared manakins in a bush in our yard.  The nest is very near the ground so we have been able to document their life to date – from eggs to hatching to hopefully fledging in a couple of weeks.  It is absolutely amazing how quickly they grow!!!  In the first picture they were just hatched – about a week ago.  The second picture was taken today and they have their eyes open and you can see they have wings.

It is SUCH fun to live here Smile

Pictures on the road to Limon:

Painted palmsPainted palms


Rio ViscayaRio Viscaya

Church on road to LimonChurch

Municipal building in LimonMunicipal building in Limon

House on the way to LimonTico house on the road to Limon

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Our yard from the living roomWell, our week with Shanti and Shaylyn is ending.  They will be heading back to San Jose this afternoon on the Interbus to catch their early morning flight to Denver tomorrow.  We had such a good time!  Lots of beach time so that Shanti could go back with a tan and lots of card games and just chatting. 

Achiote seedsLast night Shaylyn and I dyed one of my white t-shirts with some seeds from the achiote bush we have growing in our yard.  We heated up the seeds in oil and then put in some water and boiled it all up.  We then added the shirt to see what would happen.  I think it looks great!  Shirt dyed with achiote

The first day they were here, we went to the beach at Punta Uva and tried to snorkel.  IMG_0177The sea was too rough so we just hung out and played in the waves but it was great fun.  The next day we went shopping so Shanti could pick up some souvenirs to take back and we bought Shay her birthday presents (June 13th was her big day).  We stopped at Ammimodo Restaurant Shanti and Shay at Amimodo restaurantto have their great pizza and sat outside and watched the ocean.  In the afternoon we went to our beach – Playa Negra – and had fun playing with the beach dogs and jumping in the waves.  On Wednesday we hiked a LONG trail at Cahuita beach Shay walking in the jungleand saw an eyelash viper and a Jesus lizard,Yellow eyelash viperand other assorted small animals – no monkeys or sloths though.  Later that day we had lunch and then camJesus lizarde home and crashed – we were all VERY tired! 

Tom and Shanti at MaxisYesterday, we went to Manzanilla for lunch at Maxi’s and it finally rained, which was nice.  Shaylyn and I actually got cold which amused Tom and Shanti no end Smile  Jana and Shay at MaxisWe did a bit more shopping in Puerto Viejo so that Shanti could get a hammock for her new house she will moving to in Pine and then we came back and hung out while Shay watched a movie.

Also this week we have been watching the growth of two baby white collared manakins in their nest.  Baby birds on June 24It has been wonderful to watch how much they grow each day.  They should fledge in about two weeks and I can’t wait to get pictures of that!

So – all in all it was a wonderful week and we will miss them when they leave.  But what great memories we will have!!

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Ten Months and Counting

Morning on the beachWe arrived in Puerto Viejo ten months ago today.  In some ways it feels like we have been here forever – it feels so much like home – and in others it seems like just yesterday we were loading the bags and the dogs and heading out.  Tom has been back to the US once since we moved and I have been back three times – primarily to take care of mom when she fell and hurt herself.  Each time we leave though, we cannot wait to return – no matter the length of time we are gone. 

BathroomSince we have been here we have made changes to the house, purchased an additional lot and cleared it and planted new trees and plants, and have adopted a new puppy who we found left to die in a ditch.  Poison Dart FrogsWe have seen all sorts of birds and wildlife in and around our yard and we love just sitting in the living room every day enjoying our surroundings. Rene Tom Jana SaraWe have made wonderful friends – some who have moved on and others who are here for the duration.  Wiley and Kaya have adapted well although Wiley seems to be at the vet every month or so for one thing or another – nothing serious though.  Kaya loves the yard and runs around like crazy, now with Sofi chasing her. 

IMG_3142We are happy and content – not much more to life than that – at least for us Smile

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Flying to Casper

I have had a very busy few weeks since I last posted.  On May 12th I headed to Casper, Wyoming where my mother lives, to take care of my mom for a few weeks.  She fell and broke her femur and her wrist (this after breaking her hip in December) so needed some special attention Smile  My younger sister was able to arrange her work schedule for the first week or so that mom was home to take care of her and then she flew me out sing her airline miles AND put me up in a hotel in San Jose using her hotel points for both the first and last nights of my trip.  I’d say I am pretty fortunate to have such a great sister!  P6040651I was able to get mom moved to an assisted living apartment in the same retirement complex that she has been in for the last two years which was a relief for all of her kids.  They give her as much or as little help as she needs as long as she is able to get around pretty much on her own.  After talking to her shortly after I got back home, I was thrilled to know that she is very happy in her new place and feels it was definitely the best move.

Morning on the beachI headed back home on June 6th and I have to say it was GREAT to see Tom and the pups!!!  Sofi has gotten so much bigger but she still will be quite a bit smaller than Wiley and Kaya.  While I was gone we had new furniture and cushions made for the living room and it is SO much more comfortable.  IMG_0002Tom just showed our carpenter a picture of what we wanted and he made it – AND for 1/5 th of the price it was selling for in the store. 

Tom to the waterYesterday we went snorkeling and the sea was almost perfectly calm.  There were fish all over and we were able to get some great shots.  I brought back a camera with an underwater housing so we should be able to get some really good movies and pictures without the camera breaking.  Sofi at the beachSofi went with us and tried digging to China – almost made it!!  There were also several kids playing in the water not too far from us and they were such fun to watch.  Kids playing at Punta Uva

I also came home to a bird who is nesting in one of our bushes right in front of the house.  The nest is down low so we can watch the progress of the incubation.  Nesting bird in our yardThe bird (a female white collared manakin) doesn’t seem to mind us watching her but we definitely keep our distance so as not to disturb her too much. 

I am now really beginning to settle back in.  I am back to starting out my day sitting in the outdoor living room, drinking coffee and watching the birds and the dogs Smile  It is SO good to be home!!

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