Visit to the medical clinic

Hone Creek Medical ClinicLast week I took friends to the medical clinic about five kilometers away in Hone Creek.  I have been wanting to go to see what the procedure to follow is if Tom or I happen to get ill or injured so it was happy to be able to tag along.  When we arrived at the building, we stopped at the first glass window and were directed down the hall to another glass window.  At that window we were directed to another glass Medical clinicwindow – the one designated for emergencies or no appointments.  Once there my friends explained the problem and gave a copy of their passport, phone number, and the place that they are staying.  We them were told to sit down and wait.  I have read that it can take several hours to be seen so I settled in for a long wait.  However, within a few minutes, my friend was called back to have her vital signs taken.  Once that was done, she was back to wait again.  Within about fifteen minutes she was called back to see the doctor.  She said he was very professional and spoke English (BIG bonus!!).  He knew immediately what was wrong and talked to her about what he was going to give her.  She said he was very kind and gave her all the time she needed to ask questions.  Once the visit was over, we waited about half an hour for the prescription to be filled and then off we went. 

Once Tom and I are granted residency we will be joining the CAJA (the national medical plan).  It will cost us about $60 a month for both of us and the medical care system and will not have to pay anything additional.  After our visit, I feel much more comfortable with how that will work.  So – thanks Sarah and Rene for letting me come along!!

While waiting for the medication, we sat outside and were entertained by this absolutely darling little boy who was playing in the kids area.  He had the greatest smile!!!

Great smile


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  1. Carla

    My family and I will be in CR in a few months for an extended stay. We will be staying in the Hone Creek are, and with 2 young daughters I was wondering how affordable the clinics are? Also, will we be able to make appointments for issues we may have although we are not residents, or will we only be seen on an emergency basis?

    Thanks SO much!

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