Way to go Tom!!!

Morpho butterflyIt has been a bit rainy the last few days but the rain seems to have given us some new birds to watch in the yard and allowed Tom to finally get a great picture of a Blue Morph Butterfly!!!!  We have been trying to photograph this butterfly for eight months now but they move too fast and all we can get is a blue blur.  Today, one was drying off it’s wings right outside our window after a particularly long rain.  So Tom grabbed the camera and got the shot!  Now we will start working on getting a movie of one flying around Smile 

We also have seen a few new birds since the rain began.  Scarlet TanagerOne of them, the scarlet tanager, only migrates once a year in the spring.  The others are around most of the year but this is the first we have seen of them.

This week we also went to the botanical garden to look at some plants for the new back yard and ended up getting a few that should be pretty neat.  One, a pepper plant, is one that I have wanted for a long time.  There is just nothing like this fresh pepper right off the vine and now we will have some.  We also got a plant that has edible leaves for salad and they are delicious.  We will be picking up a couple of other things to plan in the next couple of months to go along with the oranges, avocados, limes, mangos, cas and papaya trees that we already have growing.  So we will soon begin eating right out of our own yard.

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  1. Jordo

    Awsome Papa! ❤ Soya

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