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New creatures in our yard

IMG_0358A few days ago the weather was so gorgeous we just had to IMG_0363go to the beach Smile  We hung out for a while at Playa Punta Uva and snorkeled and watched people come and go.IMG_0368  It was a wonderful afternoon. 

Shortly after we got home, Tom called to me to come outside.  In his hands was a tiny, tiny two toedBaby two toe sloth in our yard (2) sloth that he had found at the base of the giant tree in our yard.  It broke our hearts to see the little thing which was clearly not even a month old.  We immediately called the Jaguar Rescue and they said to wrap it in a warm blanket and bring it in to them.  When Tom got out there they explained that sometimes the babies lose their grip and fall to the ground – clearly that is what happened in this case.  We will check up on it in a few days to see if it is doing okay.

We also saw a baby iguana hanging out on the side of our bodega yesterday.  Iguana are endangered because they evidently taste good and people eat them.  There are several initiatives in the country to save the Baby Iguanaiguana which we hope will be successful as they are amazing creatures.  We have a male and female living in a huge tree right over our fence and we often catch sight of them lying on the branches of the tree or when they come to the ground for food.  We are thinking that this baby is the offspring of the pair in the tree. 

There honestly is just not enough time in the day to experience all there is to experience in our little corner of the world.  And we haven’t even left the Caribbean side of the country since we moved here!!!!!  We plan to change that in the coming months and go back to visit places that originally stole our hearts in the little country as well as visit those areas we have not yet seen…………….

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