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Happy birthday Kaya and Wiley!!!! (Oh–and the United States :-) )

Kaya Sofi WileyToday Kaya is four and Wiley is eight.  We got Wiley in March of 2004 when he was eight months old and Kaya in May of 2008 when she was ten months old.  We decided to give them July 4th birthdays so we would never forget to celebrate and so far it has worked.  They both were rescue dogs – WileyWiley from Fort Collins, Colorado and KayaKaya from Spokane, Washington – and now they are living the good life here in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica.  Twice a day they head down to the beach with dad for long walks and exploring.  The rest of the day they relax and play in the garden – which explains why we really have no producing plants Smile 

We got them their present a couple of months early when we discovered SOFI!!!  She was dumped in a ditch to die but we heard her and brought her into the household.  So now we are owned by three of these wonderful creatures.  I’m not sure Kaya is so thrilled since Sofi will not let her out of her sight. Kaya and Sofi in the garden But at least she has someone to play with now since Wiley is a bit too old now to run around as much as Kaya wants to.

Also – Kaya has a boyfriend named Tassle!!  We had some new neighbors over for dinner last night and they brought theirTassle and Kayabeautiful German Shepherd.  He and Kaya had a great time and even Wiley didn’t eat him.  Only Sofi tried to cause commotion by thinking she was a tough (and much bigger) dog.  However, it all worked out and they had a great time. 

So I’m thinking this first birthday for them in Costa Rica is one for which they (and we) are most grateful.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Wiley the vulture

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