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“Costa Rica Dog Lover” meets “A Dull Roar”!!!

It has been a really fun and interesting few days here in Puerto Viejo for us.  A couple of nights ago Tamara Casey Tom Jana Seanwe met Casey Bahr, his wife Tamara, and son Sean.  Casey writes a blog called A Dull Roar which has chronicled his move to Perez Zeledon in Costa Rica and does chronicle his life since he got here.  I have read his blog for a little over a year now and so was delighted when he emailed and said that they would be coming to Puerto Viejo for a quick trip.  We met for dinner at The Flip Flop Restaurant in downtown PV and had just a great time!  They are all so interesting and engaged in their lives.  Sean, who is twelve, goes to school in the town they live in and seems to have assimilated very well.  And – he is a very tolerant twelve year old – very patient with the older crew as we talked on and on Smile  He wasn’t sure that he liked the sour taste of the starfruit though…………  Sean eating starfruitTamara is an artist who does beautiful mosaic tile work – you can find examples of her work on Casey’s blog.   And Casey is just as entertaining in real life as he is on his blog.  All in all it was a great night.  We will definitely plan on going to their part of the world for a visit in a few months.

Last night we went to the newly remodeled Bar Penn – soon to be renamed “The Point”.  Bar Pen BarAn expat from the U.S. – actually Colorado to be exact – has Bar Pen band with Cartertaken over running a long lived establishment just down the road from us and has turned it into a sports bar/restaurant.  It looks great, the beer is cheap, and the people we have met there are fun.  Last night there was a band  that had our neighbor Carter playing drums with them.  The singer had a terrific voice and played a variety of songs.  His name is Joaquin Teran and he and his bass player evidently play all over the world.  We really enjoyed ourselves immensely. I also was able to meet some of our other neighbors so that made it doubly enjoyable.

Earlier in the week we had a couple over for dinner who have just moved into the neighborhood named Rick and Kathleen.Tom Rick Kathleen  They are from South Carolina and are as crazy about their dog Tassle as we are about our dogs.  We had a fun night getting to know each other and talking about our wonderful four legged friends.  Tom once again made a wonderful dinner – Beer Can Chicken and salad and we were all stuffed.  Tassle and KayaTassle and Kaya fell in love so we expect to be seeing a lot more of him Smile 

The weather here has been absolutely stunning the last few weeks.  We actually need some rain and hope to get some in the next few days.  In the meantime though, I am just going to enjoy this time, Sofi Kaya Wileykick back, and RELAX (just like these dogs)!!!

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