Musings on a beautiful day

Since we have been back from Colorado the weather has been amazing.  Relatively cool (considering it is the tropics), sunny, low humidity and rain at night.  Today I walked the dogs on the beach around 6:00 a.m. and there was a pelican diving for fish and men fishing from the shore.  There were several people walking the beach and we all said hi and noted the beauty of the day.  A short time after I got back the gardener and his helper showed up to do the monthly gardening.  Using a machete and a weed whacker, it takes them about three to four hours to cut back all the new growth and to spiff up the yard and it looks absolutely gorgeous.  Neither one speaks English so I cannot communicate too well yet – but I vow that I will within the year!!  They charge us $30 for the work and we are good for another four weeks.  Gardner

We are going to have dinner with our neighbors this evening and so this afternoon I went to the little store down on the beach to pick up some rum to make some surprise drinks to take over (mange/pineapple/papaya daiquiris).  At any rate, I noted that the beach was almost completely empty.  That is what is so wonderful about this area.  It is not yet “discovered” so there is always plenty of room on the beach.  Only twice since we have been here have I seen the beaches somewhat crowded and both of those days were special occasions.  On the way back I ran into our neighbors who were heading on down to the ocean for a swim.  It has been a really wonderful day Smile


Cacao fruit

    Cacao fruit – someday I’ll make chocolate from this……..






FallTree across the street – see the yellow leaves – it IS fall!!!

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  1. Jordo

    Hi Mom Sound like you had a great day!! you are making me a little worried, I have written 2 email and have not heard back, I am sure you are okay, I just usually hear from you when I write. Write me back

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