This one’s for Bubs :-)

IMG_0127I got a message from my Aunt bubbles asking me to write in my blog so I am doing just that Smile  Her name is actually Beverly but all of her nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, and I don’t know who else (everyone I think) called her Bubbles.  At any rate, I have been a bit lax on the blogs due to our trip to Colorado and back that occurred just one week ago today.  We left last Monday to stay the night in San Jose and then flew to Denver for a three day whirlwind trip.  We went to collect the documents that son Jordan had collected from different states and agencies for us so that we could apply for residency in Costa Rica.  He had to gather it all and then send it off to the Costa Rican embassy in Washington D.C. so they could authenticate all the documents and send them back to him.  He got that all done and back about two weeks before we arrived in Colorado. 

We had such a great time with all the kids and grandkids – lots of good food and company – especially for such a short trip.  We had spent several months buying things on the internet and sending it to different kids, that we needed to bring back.  We bought three ceiling fans that Tom put up today and they are great!!!  Very quiet and they really move the air.  It is so comfortable as we sit here in our living room watching the birds and it is so much quieter than when we had to use the tower fans that we brought down.  We bought tons of other stuff too – so much that we ended up having to leave much of what we had planned to bring that we brought from Idaho.  Oh well, I guess we’ll have to use mules to bring the rest down.

When we got back to San Jose (after a very long couple of days that started with a 1:30 a.m. flight on Saturday morning) we stayed at a wonderful B&B in Alajuela and caught up on some rest.  Monday morning we took all the documents Jordan had collected and took them to the company that will be helping us with our residency application.  They said that all documents were perfect and all we needed to do to complete the process is to come back and get our fingerprints and get a letter from the American embassy verifying that Tom will be getting a monthly social security check beginning in December.  So we will head back to San Jose this Sunday and get in line at the embassy bright and early Monday morning to get that done.  We should have our application number within a month and that means that we will not have to leave Costa Rica every ninety days and we can join the public medical plan.  It seems that all the months of planning are paying off. 

We got back Monday afternoon to two very excited dogs!!  Kaya and Wiley went nuts when they saw us and yes, Kaya got to sleep on our bed last night Smile 

So now I am sitting in the living room listening to the birds and enjoying the most amazingly beautiful day.  It has been sunny and warm (but not too warm) all day and there is just a very little bit of a breeze.  Tom just took the dogs for a walk on the beach and I am once again pinching myself that we are here.  Life could not be better………..


Pequeno Mundo  Amazing place to shop – everything you need and incredibly cheap!!

Working on the San Jose streets  Work being done in San Jose – the streets were a mess.

Cows at Margarita B and BCows coming to visit at the B&B

Flowering trees   The treetops are beginning to flower – it is beautiful!

Restaurant Betty  Restaurant on the road to San Jose

Fruta Fresca  Fresh fruit stand on the way to San Jose that we stopped at

White tailed hummingbirdHummingbird greeting us on our return to our little paradise

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  1. Auntie Bubs

    Hi, Jana, Sorry to rush you to your blog, but I enjoy it so much and was anxious to see how your trip was. It’s great that your paperwork is going so well! Just one more step!
    Having been to some Caribbesn islands, I can almmost feel what it’s like at your place. Now I have to do it vicariously thru your blogs. You do a great job of text and photos. Your command of the computer is to be envied! Thanks much!

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