So–what happened to the beach??

Today Tom came back from walking the dogs and said that he hadn’t been able to walk them on the beach because it was covered in water.  The storms in the Caribbean have caused a bit of havoc to our normally calm ocean.  So I headed down to see for myself and it really was amazing!!  I love the ocean and how it changes.  Here are a few pictures of what it looks like today.

Beach 2Looking out to the east

Waves this morningLooking at Puerto Viejo

Logs on the beach   Logs that drifted in today

The water drove the horses that normally wander on the beach in the early morning to the road.  As I walked along, one of them came up to me looking for food but I didn’t have any for them.  Not that there is any need to worry – these horses have more food than they could possibly eat – they rule Playa Negra.Horses


Tomorrow we head out to San Jose to catch our plane to Colorado on Tuesday.  It will be good to see the family and pick up the many items that we have had shipped to the kids for us to bring back but it will be nice to get back here too.  I am really not quite ready to leave.  We have a wonderful dog/house sitter lined up and our wonderful neighbor is going to walk them on occasion if he can, but it will still be very hard on Kaya and Wiley to not have us around.  Kaya has gotten used to sleeping outside but she will break that good habit as soon as we get back – I have no doubt about it Smile

As a parting gift to me today the Collared Aracaris showed up on our papaya tree this afternoon to snack.  I love all these birds!!!  aracari

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  1. Auntie Bubs

    Waiting for your next blog!!!

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