This April 15th was definitely NOT about taxes!

New PuppyYesterday was one that we will remember for some time.  It started out early with us hearing an animal crying.  We couldn’t tell exactly what it was so Tom went out to the road to see if he could see anything.  He did.  A tiny, tiny puppy that had been left in a ditch.  The vet told us that people in Costa Rica do not neuter their dogs so there are many unwanted litters and often, when they can’t find people to take the puppies, they drop them off in the road to die.  At any rate, this little doll has now joined our little family.  Wiley and Kaya are not too sure about it but today Kaya started playing with her so I am thinking it will all work out fine.  We have not named her yet but I think we have it nailed down to three to pick from – Skylar, Sophie, or Flora.  I’m sure we will decide today. 

Later in the morning, Sarah, Rene, Tom and I went to the beach (with the puppy)At the beach so that Sarah and I could snorkel and Rene and Tom could drink beer.  (Actually they shared the beer with us.)  The ocean was almost perfect for snorkeling and we saw beautiful fish and coral.  I took a cameral with an underwater housing but we the battery wasn’t fully charged so I got no pictures.  Next time I will be prepared!!

We stopped off at the vet’s to let her take a look at the puppy and she gave it medication for worms, took a look at a bad cut she has on her leg, and then gave her medication for fleas, ticks, and parasites.  The puppy has mange as well so we are putting medicine on the balding spots.  The vet would not take any payment for her services, only for the medication.  I sometimes don’t know how she survives because she donates so much of her time.  We will take the puppy back on Tuesday to begin a series of vaccinations.Too much excitement

Last night we went to Sarah and Rene’s (they are back housesitting for our neighbors) and had a marvelous dinner.  LullabyAround 8:00, we noticed a car had come to the gate.  Since very few cars come down our road we were curious so Tom and Rene went to check.  Turned out a young woman named Kate was in a taxi that had been driving her around for an hour and a half trying to find the motel she had booked.  We invited her in to see if she could find the directions in her email and she did – 200 meters north of the bank and then 50 meters west.  The driver could not find it and there was no phone number to call.  She was quite upset and so we sent the taxi away and then called and got her a room for the night at another hotel where we knew she would be safe.  Tom and Rene took her to town and, needless to say, she was immensely relieved.

So – quite the eventful day.  Today we are relaxing and will go to a friend’s house later to get some cuttings from her flower garden so that we can transplant them to the back.  Once that is done, I am hanging out, reading, and napping.  My typical day in Puerto Viejo Rolling on the floor laughing

More pictures……………


Right after the rescue  Just found


Kaya is not sure about thisKaya isn’t too sure about this

Puppy helping Dad water the gardenHelping water the garden

Puppy playing





Running after Tom

Puppy with big leafChomping on a BIG leaf

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  1. tyrell russel

    hey does anyone know a good vet in puertoviejo, maybe even a number? i live north of cahuita and i ahve a sick 12 year old black lab, orginally from the usa- the vet in limn was not much help- any information is greatly apprecaited- thanks- russel-

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