Movies in the Jungle

Pretty much everyone who knows us knows that we love watching movies.  One of the things we left behind in the U.S. was a theater set up with a 110” screen.  We sold the theater with the house and sold all of our DVD’s in our moving sale.  We did, however, bring along an older projector that we had bought a few years ago on the off chance that we might be able to figure out a way to watch movies on the “big screen” once in a while.  Last night we did just that.  Tom put a sheet up in the living room, hooked up the projector and we watched True Grit with our neighbors Sarah and Rene.  MovieThe photograph doesn’t do the experience justice – it was really quite nice.  Once we work out the kinks, you won’t even know that we are watching movies on a sheet Smile

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  1. It was a great movie night, to be watching the big screen with the wilderness and sound of the crickets and night creatures just beyond, and a beer in hand! Of course the highlight was having a great big hairy husky trying to get on our laps!

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