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What a GREAT week!!!

Tom and Kaya on beachIt has been so beautiful here the last week or so.  We have had rain at night on occasion but the days have been sunny and not too hot for the most part.  I went to the Punta Uva beach with Rene and Sarah on Sunday and Sarah and I snorkled which was a blast once again!!  We also watched a pelican Pelican in a treewho would dive into the sea and catch fish and then fly back up and perch on a tree over the beach just a few steps away from where we were.  The pelicans Pelicansand other shore birds were all over that day.  Fun at Punta UvaThere were also lots of people out enjoying the day but not so many not it felt crowded.  Just one more reason it is so nice to be here – there is always room on the beach Smile

Clearing the lotOn Sunday, our gardener started clearing the lot adjacent to us that we had purchased when we moved down.  It had been full of cacao trees that were diseased and could not produce good fruit so he cut the majority of those down leaving us with some gorgeous trees that we had not really been able to see before.  One of them had a sloth that was just hanging out like it owned the place.  We also found that one of our banana plants has bananas that are almost ready to harvest – probably on Monday. Our bananas So our guests – Lori and Clive – who are arriving tomorrow will have fresh bananas from our yard to enjoy all week. 

Sarah and all her monkeysSarah and six (or seven) baby monkeys!!

Yesterday I went back to the Jaguar Rescue Center to volunteer once again.  We started our day cleaning out the cages that hold theBaby sloth on hanging bed sloths, Hawk at centera hawk, and an iguana and then worked on the grounds raking and cleaning up.  After a couple of hours of that, it was time to babysit the baby sloths who are brought out to show the tours that come through twice a day.  Visitors at rescue centerThe people on the tours learn all about the lives of all of the animals at the rescue and everyone walks away knowing something they didn’t when they arrived.  I spent a lot of time with Chocolate ChipChocolate Chip with favorite bear, a five month old two toed sloth, and DJ, DJ eatinga two toed sloth who is about a year, in the morning and then watched Bella, a three toed, who came in not too long ago with a fungus infection and can’t hang out with the other sloths, in the afternoon.  She climbed around a bush for about two hours and ate a bunch of leaves and had a great time. 

Now I have to get going – my therapeutic masseuse is about to arrive – he comes to my house!!  If you have anything at all wrong with your body that causes pain then come on down to Costa Rica and have a few sessions with him.  He is a miracle worker!!  I have not felt this good in thirty years!!  Of course I’m sure the environment and lack of stress helps too Smile 

Tom Rene Sarah enjoying a brewBuddies  Enjoying the day

Dog Dog on the beach

Rene and LenoRene and Leno the squirrel

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