Time Flies (and you know the rest……..)

Bill and Betty at Flip FlopsOur first visitors left yesterday to finBetty on the horseish up their Costa Rican adventure and I have to say we had a wonderful time.  We have had a couple of other people come down but they came specifically to help us move rather than just vacation.  Betty and Bill live in Spokane, Washington and have known Tom for over 20 years.  I just met them when we moved to Moscow, Idaho and we discovered we were only an hour and a half a way.  When they heard we were moving to Costa Rica and that we had set a move date, Betty booked their flight.  And I’m glad she did!!

They arrived here a week ago and we spent the ensuing week relaxing and seeing the sites.  We went snorkeling at Playa Punta Uva, even though it was way too rough to see anything; had lunch in Manzanillo and people watched; attended the annual surfing competition and watched some great dancing uSurf competition dancersp on stage; Surf competition surfertook a hike thSurf competition people on beachrough the Cahuita National Park and saw howler and capuchin monkeys, sloths, raccoons, lizards, and gorgeous coral reefs; toured the Jaguar Rescue Center Two toed sloth looking at mewhere they take in orphaned and injured animals of all kinds and then release them to the wild when they are rehabilitated; ate wonderful food – both at restaurants and at home; went shopping at the funky stores in Puerto ViejoBetty in muebles store; and talked and talked and talked.

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