Finally–Limon and the Cathedral!

Church (1)We finally got to finish what we started many weeks ago and present the Messiah in the cathedral in Limon yesterday (Sunday).  I have to say it was worth the trip.  The original cathedral was destroyed many years ago in an Outside the cathedralearthquake and the new one was just finished and dedicated earlier this year.  It is somewhat of an anomaly in Limon as it is a very modern structure in a very old port town.  It is absolutely beautiful, from the stained glass windows to the vaulted wooden ceiling to the towering cement spires.  Outside, there were funny decorations that included a snowman, and penguins.  Rolling on the floor laughing

The concert itself was just okay.  We had not practiced in the church so we started singing and discovered that we couldn’t hear anyone else – only our own voice.  So it took some getting used to and we actually started the first song over.  But eventually we got in the groove and it went okay.  Now I am ready to hang out and just enjoy other people singing for a while.


Some pictures from the day:

Port  Port of Limon – the main port of Costa Rica

Inside the cathedralInside the cathedral

Choir  The Choir

Alto Soloist  Wonderful alto soloist – she was amazing!

Stores in Limon  Shops in Limon – love the name Soxlandia

Ice Cream Shop  Ice Cream Shop across from the church – they are all over in Costa Rica Smile

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