Graduation day!

DSCF0751The day began with a walk on the beach with the dogs and it was gorgeous!!!  The first really sunny beginning to the day in a while.    DSCF0738After the walk, I went to work at El Puente (The Bridge) so that Barry and Nanci, who are the founders of the organization, could go to the graduation of the first two indigenous children who they have helped through their educational organization.  While Nanci and Barry were thrilled for the two children, I was thrilled for them.  Imagine coming to a country six years ago and taking up a cause to educate the indigenous children in the region and having two of them graduate today and move on to high school.  It is really an amazing thing and I admire the two of them so much for doing what they do. 

Another women and I and several of the Bri Bri women (and one terrific kid) helped serve soup, crackers and fruit to the families who come every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for a meal and companionship.  It was great fun and an experience that I will repeat quite often.  It did make me strengthen my resolve to become more adept at the Spanish language – I have be lax in my learning the last couple of weeks………DSCF0758

Nancy has decorated their house for Christmas and one of the decorations I most love is the one here of the sloth looking in at the Christmas tree.  Only in Costa Rica!!

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