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It’s a party!

Image0026Yesterday I went with our new friends Sarah and Rene to Bri Bri, about 10 miles away and the seat of government for our district, to try to find them a couple of bicycles to buy.  That mission was a success but the trip had an unexpected surprise.  As we drove into the center of the tiny town we saw that there was a festival going on.  Evidently the entire town had come out for a pre-Christmas bash and it was such fun to watch.  While we were there there were several dancers performing in a variety of costumes.  It was clear they had practiced for this day for some time and they were good!!  What a day – great company and wonderful entertainment!!!  It just doesn’t get any better than this.


Image0030The stage – band was on break but notice the ever present picture of Bob Marley

Image0034Kids and balloons

Image0042   Image0054   Image0058  Image0066

The dancers – they were great!!!

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