The concert in Puerto Viejo

IMG_0924Was terrific!!  I talked several weeks ago about the choir in Puerto Viejo ( of twelve people – including us) that we joined specifically to sing the Messiah in the Cathedral inIMG_0922 Limon on December 19th.  That one concert grew to several and the first one was in Puerto Viejo last Sunday (the 12th).  The choir from Limon came down and the Banda Nacional from Limon came with them.  There were 25 singers and 15 in the band and I have to say that all together we had a great sound!!  It is amazing to me that it all came together so well.  After the songs from the Messiah were completed, we all sang a number of traditional Christmas carols.  The final song was Feliz Navidad and the entire audience joined in – both singing and dancing in the aisles.  If I wasn’t in the spirit before, I am now!  What a great time we all had Smile

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