Rainy season is still going strong

IMG_0839While we get rain all year long in Puerto Viejo, November and early December are normally the rainiest time.  This November we had very little rain (comparatively) but not so in December.  It has been quite rainy the last two or three weeks and most of us are glad to see it – although it is a bit of a pain sometimes when you have to get out in it.  Fortunately we don’t “have” to do anything since we are retired so I have spent a lot of the time reading and working on my photographs and otherwise just hanging out.  It has been great!! 

The Messiah concerts start tomorrow and we will be singing each Sunday through December 26th – the first one in PV and the others in Limon.  We have met some wonderful people and have had a great time and, for me, re-learning the music.  We did find out on Thursday that the Banda Nacional out of Limon is going to come to the first concert in Puerto Viejo and we are all thrilled about that.  They won’t play the entire Messiah but will play for the Hallelujah Chorus and the traditional christmas songs that we will sing after the Messiah.  It should be a wonderful time.  Nothing like this has happened in Puerto Viejo and so there is a lot of excitement in the community about the concert.  It is pretty neat.  However, I am glad that it is coming to an end.  I am ready to move on to a new adventure now. 

DSCF0666I am really enjoying my yoga classes.  On Mondays there are normally two of us in the class and on Thursday it is just me – at least lately.  So I get a lot of attention and it is wonderful.  I can really feel the benefits particularly in my balance and flexibility.  My teacher is about my age and started yoga when she was 50 so understands that I need to approach all of this pretty slowly Smile  I have been walking back and forth to class and along the way I have been able to see some of the Christmas decorations that people are starting to display in and on their homes.  Christmas is a huge holiday in Costa Rica as it is a very religious nation so the Ticos go all out.

Today we are going to go to the farmers market, get the dogs more medication for fleas and parasites, and then have dinner with the people who are house-sitting for our neighbors.  Should be a great day!!

DSCF0484  Tree with Montezuma Oropendola nests

IMG_0780Kaya and pillow drying out in the brief period of sunshine

_MG_3507Clay colored Robin on pink bananas in our yard

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