Parrots, parrots, and more parrots!!

 Parrots This morning we sat in the outdoor living room and listened to parrots, toucan, montezuma oropendolas, and a cacophony of other sounds for about two hours.  It was amazing!  There was also a sloth in a tree in the middle of it all and she was just hanging out eating while all the birds were flying all around her.  The parrots just arrived yesterday and they are beautiful.  Mostly green but with red around the eyes and some blue feathers on the tail.  It looks like there are some little avocados that are ripe in some trees around us and they are here to eat them.  They were chasing the toucan and the toucan were chasing the oropendolas.  The tanagers, who show up every single morning, did not show up today.  I don’t blame them – too much competition :-)  

I also was greeted by two dogs in the neighborhood when I went out to look at the birds.  One of these little guys barked all night but both are so cute I guess I’ll forgive them.  Dog neighbors

So – after a start to the day like this, I can’t wait to figure out what else is in store for us today!!!

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