Oh No!! My computer crashed……

 Butterfly And then the internet went down.  To state the obvious – it is amazing how reliant I have become on the internet.  My computer has been acting up a lot recently and, while I backed up a few things, I didn’t back up all of my photographs that I have taken down here.  However, the good news is that we had purchased 16GB drives for the cameras and had not yet downloaded most of the photographs so many were salvaged.  I just bought this computer in May but the hard drive just died.  It is still on warranty but I’ll have to figure out how I can have the warranty honored down here.  I’ll get to work on thatBig Toad close up ……..

The weather has just been stunning lately.  Not too hot and it cools way down in the evening.   We have spent the last two evenings sitting in the outdoor living room listening to the IPOD shuffle songs and pinching ourselves.  We still can’t believe we are living here.  It seems like every day we see at least one new bird and one new species of butterfly just flying around the yard.  It turns out that September through November or so is the migratory season for several bird species and so we are benefitting from that.   I saw what was either a kite or a hawk two days ago and it was just gorgeous. Kite ready to fly There also seem to be new types of tanagers hanging around and a couple of new hummingbirds.  We also have a toad that likes hanging out in the plants in the living area every night  – must be good hunting. 

There is a hurricane that is going to hit (or has hit) Nicaragua and Honduras today but we have had no effect of it yet except that the ocean is more rough.  That is actually nice since it has been so calm we couldn’t hear it – now we can 🙂 .    It looks like we might get a bit of rain tomorrow but it doesn’t look to be too bad.  The pacific side of the country is having one of the worst rainy seasons it has ever experienced – roads washing out and flooding.  Two years ago in November we had a rain that fell for five days straight and the bridge into town washed out.    But it was quickly repaired and tButterfly 1here was no lasting damage.  At this point even a flooded bridge would not dampen my enthusiasm 🙂

 New oriole


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5 responses to “Oh No!! My computer crashed……

  1. Auntie Bubs

    Jana, Js that the toad whose babies are born out of pockets in its back? Looks a little like the one I saw on line somewhere.
    Hope you got your comp. going—-what a blow! Looooooooooooooove your blog! Fantastic photos! Love ya!

    • I don’t think that the babies are born out of the back but I’ll do more research. Computer is back and working fine – thank heaven!!! Thanks for reading the blog – it has been fun to write. Love you!

  2. Doing a greata job….thinking we may move down and settle nearby!!! Does it snow there?

  3. Auntie Bubs

    I just read your last several blogs and just love ’em. Singing the Messiah will be so much fun—I love to sing it anywhere, and your voice (and I bet Tom’s) will lend a lot to the perfomance. I’m so tickled that you found a chorale! I hope the chicken you had when you took the pic of the kingfisher wasn’t live! That’s a little too much of going native!! I
    I’ve given your blog address to several people. Keep up the good work! You do a great job!

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