Getting around in Puerto Viejo

IMG_8793When we first arrived in PV we bought bicycles.  The last few days I have taken long bike rides from our place in Play Negra out towards Manzanillo.  I try to go in the fairly early morning so that it isn’t too hot.  However, I am finding that since I am riding so near the ocean, the breezes off the ocean as well as the natural breeze from the ride keep it  very nice.  Today I rode a long way trying to find a bakery that I had heard about in Playa Chiquita.  It was well worth the ride – the breads were outstanding!!!  Along the way, I saw a woman snorkeling with her dog.  It was hysterical!!!  The woman would dive down and so would the dog.  The dog would surface first and paddle around waiting for it’s owner to come up.  Once she did, they would both dive down again.  It was great.  Two days ago, I watched the fishing boats coming in with their load for the dayIMG_8745.  These bike rides are really helping me start to know my new corner of the world. 

Tomorrow we will talk to a person at a Spanish school that both Tom and I are going to attend beginning the first of October.  He really doesn’t need it so much – he can converse with almost anyone – but I am such a novice!  I am struggling with the language and he is so far ahead of me that it is frustrating for him to try to talk at my level.  He went to high school in Brazil so was fluent in Portuguese which has helpe   d somewhat.  However, he is just more focused than I am.  I just want to hang out in the garden and watch the birds and the butterflies and listen to the ocean 🙂

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