Saturday morning in Puerto Viejo

Bikes This morning we rode our bikes into town and did some shopping.  First to the farmer’s market where we got some tomatoes, avocados, and cilantro.   Then on to a store in town to pick up a garbage can and then to another in Cocles to check out spices and bread.  It was a good long ride and a beautiful morning.  Store in townBlue Heron On the way back we saw a huge blue heron standing in a river very near our house.  It was gorgeous!!!  The first heron I have seen in our new town.

September is the month that we are required to get our yearly vehicle inspection so Tom took the Toyota to Limon yesterday to get that done.  They are very strict about the condition of the car you drive here.  Interesting since the roads themselves are so terrible :-)  At any rate, we passed with flying colors but Tom said that there were several in line who did not and they were given long lists of things that they had to get done within two months. 

We started out this morning sitting on the port listening to the chorus of birds that starts up around 5:00 a.m. everyday.  This is how we always start our day and I honestly can’t get Black Cowlerd Orioleenough of it.  It seems that each day we see another bird that we have not seen before – and we don’t even have to get up out of our chairs – they just come to us!!  

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