Friends and family

Since last Wednesday when we left Idaho, we have spent nearly the entire time with family and friends.  In Casper I spent a lot of time with mom and was able to have dinner with my brother and his wife and mom a couple of times and also met up with my very good friends Bonnie and Lynnde.  In Denver, we had dinner last night in our apartment we are renting with Shanti, Chris, Tyvone, Jamie, Shaylyn, and Rylee.  Shaylyn (1o year old granddaughter) stayed with us on Tuesday night and Rylee (4 year old granddaughter) stayed with us on Wednesday night.  Both granddaughters played in the pool today and I got some great photographs.  Also today my Aunt Bubbles and her partner Frank drove all the way from Broomfiiel to our place in south Denver to visit.  It was great to see them and I really appreciated them coming all that way. 

Yesterday I spent much of the day with my son Jason and will see him again on Saturday.  He is going to go to school this fall and so is preparing for that.  School starts in a couple of weeks.  Last night Tyvone, Shanti, Rose, Carol and I had a “girls night out” and went out for a couple of drinks.          We all had dinner beforehand (including the guys) and then we left the guys with the grandddaughters and headed out.    Great conversation and much laughter – a wonderful time overall. 

Today and tomorrow will be relaxing days – not much activity although we will have lunch with a friend from Boulder today.  Otherwise we will play it by ear until we leave for Lake City on Sunday morning.  Just six days until we fly out!!

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