The necessary evil – traveling with dogs

Wiley We left Idaho on Wednesday July 28th at 3:30 am and got to Casper about 15 1/2 hours later and checked into a motel exhausted and grumpy.  The poor dogs were totally freaked out and wouldn’t eat or sleep.  The room was dirty and smelled bad so we checked out the next morning and moved to another, much nicer and cleaner, place for the duration of our stay in Casper.  It has a great trail to walk the dogs and Tom has been doing just that – over and over and over and over……… while I have visited my mom, brother and friends.  He has probably walked 20 miles over the last three days but he is really getting to know this part of town :-)   Kaya relaxing First night in Casper

We will have the same issues with them for the six days we are in Denver but we are staying in a hotel there that has a full bedroom, kitchen, and living room and is next to an open space so we can at least not be cramped.  We just won’t be too mobile so will have to work that out.  In Lake City, we won’t have a problem.  It is a small town and my son has a yard they can hang out in and relax.  We really have never traveled with them before unless we have been able to stay with family who have yards but, since mom sold her house and the girls are now in apartments in Colorado, hotels are the only option. 

The dogs will be on the same flight with us to San Jose in the cargo hold when we fly out of Denver.  I can hardly wait to hear Wiley and Kaya howling until the engines come on when they will probably still be howling but we won’t be able to hear them.  They have never flown on a plane (and never will again) so this will be a real adventure.  They will have only one more stressful time for the four hours it will take for the van that is picking us up at the airport to travel to Puerto Viejo but we will be with them in the van so it should not be too bad.  Once we arrive in Puerto Viejo and get to the house, it should only take them a week or so to adapt.  I think they will be just fine playing in the yard, napping on the cool rock floor in the open living room, and running on the beach.  They will never have to travel again and be cooped up for days on end.  They will be the envy of all their friends!!

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