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First week in our new country

IMG_8196 Well – it is Saturday, August 21st and we have been here just over one week.  I am beginning to get used to waking up to the amazing variety of bird songs as well as the hundreds of butterflies that play in our garden in the early morning. The photo above is one of the flowers that the butterflies like to land on.  I also have had a visitor for the last couple of days – a beautiful poison dart frog – that I have tried to just let roam around while keeping the dogs away.Poison  dart frog   I think that Kaya licked it though because she is now just watching it hop around rather than trying to eat it.  Wiley is just ignoring it entirely but I think he may have been bit by a scorpion a couple of nights ago so he is keeping his distance from all tiny critters.

We had a wonderful week with our friends, Susan and Rex, who helped us move down here.  We went out to breakfast one day, lunch another, and dinner another.  Otherwise, we stayed in and ate fabulous meals that the three of them cooked up with the fresh seafood we were able to get every day.  I provided cleanup :-)  We did get to go to the wildlife rescue and Cahuita National Park as well so they were able to get a sense of this part of the country.  The wildlife rescue had some baby toucans that were not quite old enough to be released which was something I had not seen there before.IMG_8081

Rex helped Tom string some fencing around the entire property so the dogs can no longer get out.  That was WAY over and beyond the call of duty as it was hot and muggy – not the kind of weather to be doing that kind of work.  Tom took them back to San Jose on Thursday morning so that they could catch their flight back to the states on Friday morning.  I will really miss them – they were the perfect guests. 

Tom stayed in San Jose on Thursday night since he had to meet with our lawyer to finalize our purchase of the lot adjoining our property.  We plan to put in a casita for family and guests in the next few months which should be quite an adventure!!  I stayed behind and finished putting everything away and so spent my first night alone in the rain forest – pretty cool!!!  It was peaceful and not at all frightening – I enjoyed it. 

Today we will go to the farmer’s market in town and then to Bri Bri (the county seat) which is about 20 kilometers away to buy Tom a bike.  Susan and I went and got me one on Tuesday but didn’t have room to get one for Tom.  Bikes are the standard mode of transportation here and we plan to do most of our traveling in town and around on them so we won’t be using the car nearly as much from here on out.  There is also an arts festival that started yesterday and will run through August 31st so we plan on visiting that today (  http://www.puertoviejosatellite.com/news/2010/08/06/arteviva-poster-and-calendar-released/   ) .  And tomorrow there is a rodeo on Cocles beach – I cannot wait to see that!  IMG_8214

So many people asked me what I was going to do with all my free time – at this point I am thinking there won’t be a problem figuring that out 🙂




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