A couple of more lasts

We had developed a routine the last few years where we drove to Lewiston (30 miles away) every two to three weeks and shopped.  We would get gas (MUCH cheaper), stop by Petco and get dog food that we could only get there, sometimes stop at Home Depot, and always go to Costco to stock up on food for the freezer.  Today was our last shopping trip to Lewiston – we won’t need to go any more.  I am completely certain that we will not be doing anything like that in Puerto Viejo.  The nearest Costco like store is in San Jose which is, on the best days, four hours away.  Limon, which is the nearest large town of around 50,000 people, has very basic shops.  Most of our food shopping will be at the Saturday farmer’s market and at the fish shop on the beach that sells fish fresh from the ocean every day.  I guess I can deal with that. 

We also will write our very last rent or mortgage check tomorrow – now THAT is something to celebrate!!!  For almost forty years I have paid someone else – either a bank or a landlord – every month for the privilege of living in a house or apartment.  It is the most amazing feeling to know that I am done with that forever!!!!!

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