Doggone good day……

  Wiley and Kaya on the bed (2) Today we took Kaya and Wiley to the agility dog trials being held at the Latah County Fairgrounds so that Kaya could see Tracie who is the person who rescued her.  Tracie has dogs who compete in the agility trials but she is also the wonderful person who runs the Adopt-A-Husky rescue center in Spokane where I saw the picture of Kaya and ended up adopting her even though I had vowed that two dogs were enough.  Even though the normal adoption process for the rescue takes up to six weeks, we were able to get Kaya right away because a friend (Sharyl) vouched for me  and she also happens to be a friend of Tracie’s.  Funny how things work out.

When we got Kaya her name was Justice.  She was named that because it was her ordeal that ended up causing the humane society to go in and rescue 54 dogs at a place where the owners had decided that they would breed “sled dogs.  She was only three months old when neighbors adjoining the dog property noticed that she could not walk and was dragging her hind quarters behind her.  They called the humane society who found that both of her back legs were broken – probably by the older dogs who were fighting for food – she just got in the way. The Humane Society eventually rescued all 54 huskies and the woman who ran this monstrosity ended up serving time in jail and paying substantial fines.  We renamed her Kaya, which means “resting place” but Tracie has trouble calling her that so calls her Baby J (for Justice). 

Kaya immediately was all over Tracie – licking and jumping and talking to her.  Wiley was a complete gentleman and just stayed close to me and barked occasionally at the dogs who wandered near.  This is the last time that Tracie will see Kaya as we will not be bringing her or Wiley back to the United States.  I got a bit emotional about that though not around Tracie or anyone. It is the first “last” thing that has made me a little bit sad.  However, neither Kaya or Wiley will be deprived in any way in their new country 🙂

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