The Blue Butterfly

Bright cloth This weekend we watched a movie called The Blue Butterfly about a boy who has been told he is dying and wants, as his last wish, to go find the blue butterfly.  He convinces a renowned scientist to take him to the rain forest and they do find it.  The movie was filmed in Costa Rica, right in our new neighborhood.  It was such fun to watch and it actually made me homesick – even though I don’t yet live there.  The film showed all the animals and birds we have seen as well as the rain forest itself. 

It is now nine weeks before we will be living there permanently.  It was just a year ago that we closed on the house we bought and, at that time, still thought that we would not move for at least two years.  However, once we got the bug to make the move, it seemed silly to put it off any longer.  Now – just nine weeks out – we are almost there.  Tom and a friend will be heading down with four more duffle bags on June 29th.  Needless to say I am a bit jealous but it won’t be long until I am there for good.  I am ready……..

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