The Hidden People


I came across a website while googling one day – – and ordered a DVD about a Bri Bri medicine man who uses plants in the rain forest to heal diseases.  His name is Don Candido and I have heard of him from a number of different people.  The movie is interesting in that it talks about the life of the Bri Bri to some degree as well as Don Candido.  When we were in Puerto Viejo in February we talked to Barry Stevens and his wife Nanci who work a lot with Don Candido. Barry swears that his leg was saved because of the medicine he received that came from the plants in the rain forest.  He had cut his leg and developed a terrible infection and the doctor told him that he would have to have his leg amputated.  He went to Don Candido who  gave him a tea to drink every day and in six months his leg was better.  Others talk about how he has used plants to cure cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  have heard that the movie “The Blue Butterfly” which was filmed in Costa Rica is based on someone who went to see Don Candido.  I’ll have to see the movie…….

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