More Plans!!!

We have been busy the last several days working on the move. This weekend we made airline reservations to come back to the States in November to bring some of the things we are going to store in Denver back to Costa Rica. We also made reservations at the hotels we will stay in during the time we leave Moscow at the end of July to August when we fly out. We made appointments to get the dogs into the veterinarian in Moscow (tomorrow) to get all their shots and made an appointment with a vet in Denver to get a checkup and the paperwork completed so that we can get their health certified with the USDA in Lakewood in the ten day time period required by the Costa Rican government.

The timing is going to be tight. We will leave Moscow on July 31st and drive to Casper Wyoming to visit mom. We will stay there until the morning of August 3rd and drive to Denver. The appointment with the vet is that afternoon at 3:15. We will have to get the information faxed to the USDA that afternoon so that it can all be verified so we can pick up the veterinarian certification right before we leave. Tom will probably fly out of Denver on August 4th to go to Washington DC to get all of our documents needed to apply for residency certified at the Costa Rican embassy. He will return on August 6th. We were able to get reservations at a new hotel with a room that has a full kitchen, living room and separate bedroom for around $70 a night!! It borders a large open space so that I can take the dogs for a walk while Tom is in DC. On August 8th we will head to Gunnison and stay a few days and set up a bank account so that my son can have access if need be. We will use his address for the mail that we need to receive in the U.S.

I have to quit because I am out of breath 🙂

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