Frogs and Toads

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It is just ninety days now that we will fly to Costa Rica and begin the new phase of our life. It is so weird that this is such a momentous move when it is really not that far away. I guess the fact that we are leaving the United States and are not planning to move back makes it seem more exotic to everyone. To me, moving to Florida or Canada would be just as much of a change as moving to Costa Rica. However, it is very apparent that we are not staying in the U.S. There is so much work to be done as far as ensuring that all our documents are properly verified and attested to – at times it seems overwhelming. We have pretty much decided that Tom will fly to Washington DC in late July/early August to go directly to the U.S. Embassy to get all of our documents certified. If he does not, then we will have to send the documents we collect (birth certificates, marriage license, etc.) to two different regional emabassies (California and Illinois) and hope that we get the certified copies back before we leave on August 13th. Neither of us are comfortable thinking that we will be able to get that all done before we fly out. We really want to be able to get our documents in order and filed so that we don’t have to leave the Costa Rica every 90 days. Becoming a resident (not a citizen) is our most important short term goal. Everything else can wait 🙂

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