Poor puppies

On Wednesday we took the dogs to the veterinarian to get them the shots that they will need before they can get into Costa Rica. Two of them were normal rabies and distemper but one was something they hadn’t had before and they are suffering for it. They are having serious gastrointesinal issues which isn’t fun for them or for us…… They had to get the shots at least 30 days before we arrive in Costa Rica. So that is done and hopefully they will feel better in the next day or so.

It has been so cold here that we have tied records the last couple of days. It just makes it harder to hang around but we don’t have a choice. If we could I know we would head out sooner than planned but, since we have the travel plans all completed we can’t. Plus we both made committments to our work to stay until the end of July and we will do that. It is harder and harder to take it all seriously, although we still do. But I wish sometimes that I had had the objectivity and sense of disassociation that I now have – it truly has made life much easier.


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2 responses to “Poor puppies

  1. Lori

    Hiya! I’m just surfing here and remembered your blog. What a shame the pups aren’t feeling well – what shot was it that they got? I wish we could be there to help out in this frenetic wind down period for you. We’re doing fine, just busy with work and the details around the WV house. I’m off to Haiti this week for work, should be interesting, to say the least.

    Hang in there…!

    • The pups are seemingly better today – thank heaven! It was the lepo vaccine that got to them and, if they hadn’t have to had have it I would never had allowed it after reading about it. Our vet only had two doses left and said they don’t use it anymore except for situations like ours. We have been watching the progress on the WV land and house and cannot wait to see it!!! Keisha and Clive look particularly happy with the whole deal 🙂

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