Sad news……..

_MG_8132The darling little sloth that I showed just the other day was killed when she touched the transformer on the electrical wires she was crossing to get to a tree.  That is just one of the many perilous things that the sloths have to contend with here.  The other major ones are dogs and cars.  At any rate, I will miss seeing her in our yard………..


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2 responses to “Sad news……..

  1. I wonder how difficult it would be for ICE to sloth-proof those transformers? This is an all too common event, sigh ….

    • I know – it just is awful to see. I also wanted to tell you how sorry I was to read about your sister’s cat. That was heartbreaking news to hear. (For some reason I can’t post comments on your blog – I have a touchy computer).

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