Ten Months and Counting

Morning on the beachWe arrived in Puerto Viejo ten months ago today.  In some ways it feels like we have been here forever – it feels so much like home – and in others it seems like just yesterday we were loading the bags and the dogs and heading out.  Tom has been back to the US once since we moved and I have been back three times – primarily to take care of mom when she fell and hurt herself.  Each time we leave though, we cannot wait to return – no matter the length of time we are gone. 

BathroomSince we have been here we have made changes to the house, purchased an additional lot and cleared it and planted new trees and plants, and have adopted a new puppy who we found left to die in a ditch.  Poison Dart FrogsWe have seen all sorts of birds and wildlife in and around our yard and we love just sitting in the living room every day enjoying our surroundings. Rene Tom Jana SaraWe have made wonderful friends – some who have moved on and others who are here for the duration.  Wiley and Kaya have adapted well although Wiley seems to be at the vet every month or so for one thing or another – nothing serious though.  Kaya loves the yard and runs around like crazy, now with Sofi chasing her. 

IMG_3142We are happy and content – not much more to life than that – at least for us Smile

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