Flying to Casper

I have had a very busy few weeks since I last posted.  On May 12th I headed to Casper, Wyoming where my mother lives, to take care of my mom for a few weeks.  She fell and broke her femur and her wrist (this after breaking her hip in December) so needed some special attention Smile  My younger sister was able to arrange her work schedule for the first week or so that mom was home to take care of her and then she flew me out sing her airline miles AND put me up in a hotel in San Jose using her hotel points for both the first and last nights of my trip.  I’d say I am pretty fortunate to have such a great sister!  P6040651I was able to get mom moved to an assisted living apartment in the same retirement complex that she has been in for the last two years which was a relief for all of her kids.  They give her as much or as little help as she needs as long as she is able to get around pretty much on her own.  After talking to her shortly after I got back home, I was thrilled to know that she is very happy in her new place and feels it was definitely the best move.

Morning on the beachI headed back home on June 6th and I have to say it was GREAT to see Tom and the pups!!!  Sofi has gotten so much bigger but she still will be quite a bit smaller than Wiley and Kaya.  While I was gone we had new furniture and cushions made for the living room and it is SO much more comfortable.  IMG_0002Tom just showed our carpenter a picture of what we wanted and he made it – AND for 1/5 th of the price it was selling for in the store. 

Tom to the waterYesterday we went snorkeling and the sea was almost perfectly calm.  There were fish all over and we were able to get some great shots.  I brought back a camera with an underwater housing so we should be able to get some really good movies and pictures without the camera breaking.  Sofi at the beachSofi went with us and tried digging to China – almost made it!!  There were also several kids playing in the water not too far from us and they were such fun to watch.  Kids playing at Punta Uva

I also came home to a bird who is nesting in one of our bushes right in front of the house.  The nest is down low so we can watch the progress of the incubation.  Nesting bird in our yardThe bird (a female white collared manakin) doesn’t seem to mind us watching her but we definitely keep our distance so as not to disturb her too much. 

I am now really beginning to settle back in.  I am back to starting out my day sitting in the outdoor living room, drinking coffee and watching the birds and the dogs Smile  It is SO good to be home!!

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