Always something new

Last week one of our neighbors, Jeffrey who has lived in Puerto Viejo since he was a child and who owns a restaurant at the end of our road, brought by several fruit trees for us to plant in our newly cleared lot.  He also brought some Cas fruit IMG_2348which is a citrus fruit that tastes somewhat like a cross between an orange and a lemon although even more tart than a lemon.  I read up on how to make a juice drink using Cas (love the internet!) and so made some.  It was wonderful!  Very refreshing and light.  Since some of the trees he gave us were Cas trees, I am looking forward to when I have them to pick fresh right off our own tree Rolling on the floor laughing

Since I was in the experimentation mood, when I went to the farmers market on Saturday I picked up some passion fruit so that I could try making some juice from it as well.  Passion fruit looks pretty normal from the outside but when you open it up it looks like a glompy, oozy, gray mess.  However, I didn’t let that deter me and I once again looked up passion fruit recipes on the internet and decided to try another fruit drink.  Once again I was delighted with the outcome.  The juice was not nearly as tart as the Cas drink but wasn’t too sweet.  I can’t really compare the taste to anything but it kind of tasted a bit like a cross between a pineapple and a peach.  Pretty yummy!!  IMG_2342




Whole passion fruit


Passion fruit pulp

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