Wouldn’t you know it?

IMG_2166Our friends Clive and Lori from Washington D.C. arrived last Friday afternoon and left on Wednesday and three of the days they were here were rainy and cloudy.  We have had gorgeous weather for the last several weeks so I fully anticipated it to be nice during their visit.  That’s what I get for anticipating…………..  However, all was not lost.  We haven’t seen them in several years so we spent most of the time just catching up and relaxing and that was great fun! 

We went to our friends’ house one night and Tom was jammin’ with the best of them Smile  We did go out to lunch and dinner several times and I have to say that the Flip Flop restaurant in Puerto Viejo is my favorite.  The prices are very low and the food is fantastic!!  Lori and I also went to the Jaguar Rescue to see the monkeys, sloths and other assorted animals they have.  It was rainy but Lori did get a chanceLori holding Red Eyed Frog to hang out with the monkeys Lori scratching monkey backfor a bit and we did get to see the national icon – a red eyed  tree frog Red Eyed Frog.  We also went to Manzanillo and had lunch at Maxi’s and IMG_2312then walked on the beach and in the ocean for a while.  All in all a very nice day.  IMG_2319

Since they have gone the weather has been nice once again and we have been able to work in the newly cleared lot in back of our house.  Tom has been planting new bushes, trees, and flowers and I have been weeding and chopping in the established yard.  This is work that is never ending – ensuring that we will never be bored!!

Clive, Lori and Kaya


Clive and Lori on his birthday at Loco Natural


Lunch at Banana Azul before they left for the airport


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  1. Jerilyn Ray-Shelley

    Loved the red-eyed monkey…sad about the weather but know the time together was really special!

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